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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Business Lender and Personal Guarantees

By Samantha L. Dammer |

When a Business fails, what can happen to the owner? Here are some common questions and answers about personal guarantees on business debt. Question:  What are the basics every business owner needs to know about personal guarantees? Answer: Normally when a business owner signs a loan on behalf of its business, the creditor can… Read More »

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Common Misconceptions About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

By Samantha L. Dammer |

When you have significant debts that you just can’t pay, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be a good option to help get your financial life back on track. In the Tampa area, consumers with high credit card bills and piling medical debts file for personal bankruptcy everyday. Yet many Floridians have heard myths… Read More »

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Changing Attorneys in a Chapter 11 Case

By Samantha L. Dammer |

When you are in the middle of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case in Tampa, Florida, there are a number of different reasons that you may need to change attorneys. In some cases, your attorney makes serious errors that impact your case, resulting in an immediate need to find new counsel. In other situations, the… Read More »

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