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Subchapter V of Chapter 11 for Small Business Debtors

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

Small business debtors in the Tampa Bay area that are planning to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the New Year should know that they will file for bankruptcy under Subchapter V of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This change occurred through the passage of H.R. 3311, also known as the Small Business Reorganization Act… Read More »


Chapter 11 for Medical Professions and the Health Care Ombudsman

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

If you are a health care business in Tampa Bay or are a medical professional who owns your own business in the Tampa Bay area, filing for bankruptcy can be extremely complicated. While businesses typically have the option of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy depending upon the business’s specific needs and… Read More »


Chapter 11 Bankruptcies and Commercial Leases in Shopping Centers

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

Shopping centers in the Tampa Bay area house many different types of businesses, from restaurants and bars to retail establishments. When a business in a Tampa Bay shopping center files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, there are numerous issues that both the business owner and the commercial landlord will need to consider. While the business… Read More »


Recent Changes to Bankruptcy Law: What You Should Know About the Small Business Reorganization Act

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

Recent changes to U.S. bankruptcy law will make it easier for small businesses and individuals to file for bankruptcy. More specifically, the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 (H.R. 3311), as well as the HAVEN Act (H.R. 2938) and the Family Farmer Relief Act of 2019 (H.R. 2336) have been signed into law and… Read More »


Changing Attorneys in a Chapter 11 Case

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

When you are in the middle of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case in Tampa, Florida, there are a number of different reasons that you may need to change attorneys. In some cases, your attorney makes serious errors that impact your case, resulting in an immediate need to find new counsel. In other situations, the… Read More »


New Student Loan Modification Program

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

For debtors in the Tampa Bay area who are considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy because they are having difficulty with student loan payments, it is important to know about a new program in the Middle District of Florida concerning student loan modification. According to a recent administration order, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the… Read More »


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Single Asset Real Estate Cases in Tampa

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

If you own a business in Tampa and are considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it is important to learn more about how being a single asset real estate (SARE) debtor could impact your case. In short, if you are a SARE debtor, you may need to pay attention to specific time limits and requirements in… Read More »


Chapter 11 and Bank Account Garnishments in Florida

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

Most businesses in the Tampa Bay area that file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy expect that they will benefit from the automatic stay connected to their bankruptcy filing. The automatic stay is designed to prevent creditors from taking any additional actions to collect on debt, and in most cases the automatic stay prevents any lawsuits… Read More »


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: How Attorneys Have to Get Court Approval for Payment of Fees

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a particular type of reorganization bankruptcy that is used largely by businesses in order to reorganize debt. In some cases, individuals will also file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy if they want to reorganize their debts but do not qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy because their secured or unsecured debts exceed… Read More »


Changing Attorneys in the Middle of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

Sometimes when businesses in the Tampa Bay area consider filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they quickly choose an attorney and begin the process of the reorganization bankruptcy. While some bankruptcy cases can work out for the small business filing for Chapter 11 even if that business does not have the best lawyer handling the… Read More »