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Author Archives: Samantha Dammer

In Bankruptcy Because of Seller Fraud in a Purchased Business

By Samantha L. Dammer |

All too often we meet clients who moved down to Florida with hopes of being in business for themselves. The story is the same each time.  Sadly, a bad business purchase can lead to the loss of life savings, retirement funds, and personal bankruptcy. Meet “Bob” from Michigan. Bob worked in the corporate world… Read More »

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Chapter 7 for The Small Business Owner

By Samantha L. Dammer |

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for The Small Business Owner Part One:  Why Would a Small Business Need to File A Bankruptcy? A colleague asked me this morning why a small business would need to file a bankruptcy, instead of simply closing down and walking away.  Of course the owner might be facing personal guarantees for… Read More »

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Closing a Restaurant in Tampa Bay

By Samantha L. Dammer |

Closing a Restaurant or Bar in Tampa Bay? The COVID-19 virus has wreaked financial havoc for bars and restaurants in Tampa.   On  March 17, 2020, the Governor ordered all bars to be closed temporarily, and restaurants could only provide take-out services.  Many business owners decided to close down completely.  This was of course a… Read More »

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Business Lender and Personal Guarantees

By Samantha L. Dammer |

When a Business fails, what can happen to the owner? Here are some common questions and answers about personal guarantees on business debt. Question:  What are the basics every business owner needs to know about personal guarantees? Answer: Normally when a business owner signs a loan on behalf of its business, the creditor can… Read More »

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