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Chapter 7 for The Small Business Owner

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for The Small Business Owner   Part One:  Why Would a Small Business Need to File A Bankruptcy? A colleague asked me this morning why a small business would need to file a bankruptcy, instead of simply closing down and walking away.  Of course the owner might be facing personal guarantees… Read More »


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on a Small Business: What Will Happen to the Business Equipment?

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

If you own a small business in the Tampa Bay area and are thinking about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we understand that you have questions about what will happen to the business property. For instance, if you small business is a restaurant in downtown Tampa and you have a substantial amount of kitchen… Read More »

Will Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Last?

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

The American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) recently released a report in which it questioned the staying power of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to an article in The New York Times. Should Tampa business owners be concerned about their ability to reorganize their debts by filing for bankruptcy? Proposed Changes to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Laws The… Read More »

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Considerations for Restaurants

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

What happens when a Tampa restaurant files for bankruptcy? It’s important to remember that filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy doesn’t mean that your business will need to close. Given that Chapter 11 is a type of bankruptcy that involves the restructuring of debts—rather than the liquidation of assets and the “clean start” associated with… Read More »

Chapter 11 Bankruptcies Decline in South Florida

By Samantha L. Dammer, Esq. |

How common is Chapter 11 bankruptcy in South Florida? According to a recent article in Miami Today, business bankruptcy filings, including Chapter 11, are on the decline. In order to understand the factors involved in this drop in filings—and whether it’s likely here to stay—it’s important to understand the basic kinds of bankruptcy and… Read More »